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One of my favorite actors! <3

One of my favorite actors! <3

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One of my favorite bands for the past few years. Love these guys! :}

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I miss this.

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“ hey love! i saw your elbow stand (i was searching the tag) and i was wondering how you got it down so well? i'm close! i can do it straight i just can't bring my legs down, you know? like my goal is to bring my feet to my head and i'm trying to get closer to that but i dont seem to be making progress! HELPPP PLEASE? what stretches do you do? tips? please be really specific, i want something to refer back to! thank you SO much in advance! ”


Okay hon, so first you need to listen to what your body is telling you. You have to be very careful when you’re stretching your spine, and not push too far at once. The way your spine works is that the deeper you stretch the longer it gets, yea contortion/yoga type stretching can actually add like 3 inches to your height. Anyway, to achieve this safely you need to be prepared to put in long hours every single day. It took me a year of practicing serious contortion to hold an elbow stand for an average of four minutes, and I’ve been a dancer my entire life. So, as far as stretching goes, you’ll want to get really warm first (that ones obvious but often overlooked). Once you’re warm grab a pillow, sit on your knees and do a back bend, so your head is touching your toes. Try to hold the stretch for about a minute at a time and don’t forget to breath! You can also lay on your side and do a sort of scorpion stretch and try to bring your foot to your head. Do this for both sides, one minute at a time and try about 3 reps, twice a day. You can also practice against a wall, that will help you strengthen your arms and find the right shape. It’s also important to not put all the pressure on the elbows, and also press down firmly with your hands. It helps to be able to do hand stands. Also, you should work on your back bends, so you can prevent injury. I recommend cross training, I swim, dance, run, lift weights, climb rope, do aerial arts, pole dance and ride my bike on top of my stretching. You don’t want to overwork certain muscle groups and never use other parts of your body. You should always avoid smoking, and alcohol, drink lots of water and juice, eat protein and fiber rich foods and lean meats. Vegetables and fruits actually help with your flexibility and energy. My work-out trick is to eat a tablespoon of coconut oil before I train, and that helps me with my energy and it’s also really good for yours bones, teeth and skin. It’s also important to pace yourself and give your body the sleep and relaxation it needs to repair itself. If you’re too sore to use a certain set of muscles, don’t use them until at least the next day. I hope all this helped you, I know it’s a lot but it took me a lot of research and trial and error to figure out what works the best. Vitamins are also really important, and orange juice is actually really good for your knees! Good luck, and happy stretching! :} 



pronunciation | ‘sau-“da-dEwith thanks to | anonymous for the proper definition


pronunciation | ‘sau-“da-dE
with thanks to | anonymous for the proper definition

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Бьянка - Без сомнения ~ I love Bianka, she’s so pretty, good at singing and a great dancer.

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This is from last summer, a lot has changed since then. My best friend is the photographer! 

This is from last summer, a lot has changed since then. My best friend is the photographer! 

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This reminds me of my best friend and I, she&#8217;s a doll, you should follow her @! You won&#8217;t regret it one bit!

This reminds me of my best friend and I, she’s a doll, you should follow her @! You won’t regret it one bit!

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